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How Do You Pick an Electric Power Provider?

How do you pick an Electric Power provider? I have a couple of options here where I am about to move. You can get Reliant Energy, Commercial energy and another one I have not really heard much about. I think that it is called Ambit Energy. I never actually did this before. I lived in Texas when I was growing up, but it was my Mom and Dad who paid the bills. They decided what company they used, or they did while that was a possibility. I am pretty sure that some of the places that we lived were not served by more than one power company. If you live out in the rural areas of the state, then ther obviously will not be a large number of power companies fighting for your business. It is a big deal to figure out what to do about this and the thing that I care about the most is going to be reliability.

Of course you are going to get electric power from all of these guys and they are going to charge you pretty close to the same price for it I would guess. I am not thinking that any of these power companies are going to let the others give you a much better deal on the rates. A kilowatt hour is probably going to cost you very close to the same thing in any market. If there is a lot of competition in a particular area, then maybe you could find a somewhat better price from one of the companies, but all of them are going to know what the other guys are doing and they are going to react to the price that theyare up against. I am more interested in how long it would take to get the power back on in an emergency.

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