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Not Much Fun Raising a Two Year Old

Well of course there is a lot of stuff that is fun and there is a lot of stuff that is really unpleasant. To start with there is the fact that they make a lot of mess. It comes out of everything. They have stuff coming out of their mouths and out of their noses and of course they have body functions just like every other person. You can find a lot of information about that, but I was checking out this website today after I got to thinking about the fact that it was coming up on the time we need to start potty training. Anna and I have never done that before and we have gotten a lot of conflicting advice. Of course you do not want to start out too soon and you want to be sure that you do it in the best way that you are able. Apparently Mitchie is coming up on the right age for us to start training the boy to use the potty for himself.

Apparently they say that boys can be ready sooner than girls. I have no idea why that would be. Of course they work a bit differently and maybe that has some thing to do with it. At any rate we have started to study the idea and I am sort of thinking that I am going to let Anna take the lead. If she wants to make the executive decisions in this matter I am going to stand over to the side and nod in agreement. I am pretty sure that she can handle it as well or better than I can and she is a lot more eager to take on the task than I am. Both of us are looking forward to not changing diapers obviously.

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