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Energy Rates Near Temple, Texas

I just moved to Temple and it is pretty nice around here. I have some things to get sorted out still, and I didn’t realize I still had things to do with moving into my new apartment. But I guess that when I first moved in, the electricity was still in the name of the landlord. Now I need to check out Temple electricity rates to see which company in the area is going to give me the best price on my electricity bill.

I thought it was kind of funny that I didn’t get an electricity bill after the first month that I was living at the place. I thought that it was just already set up when I moved in and that they would send me a bill. But instead, the power was still in the name of my landlord, and I needed to go ahead and get power service through one of the companies in the area, in my own name. I didn’t realize this, and I guess my landlord is kind of annoyed with me, on account of the fact that she went over all of this with me before I signed the rental agreement.

To be honest, I don’t really remember anything about this electricity stuff. I guess I wasn’t paying attention at that point during our discussion. But anyway, I should probably get this all taken care of before the end of the weekend, because I do have a lot of things that I need to attend to next week, and it is not likely that I am going to have a lot of extra time to attend to something like this. I don’t know though, so I guess that we will have to wait and find out how it goes and if I can find an electric company.

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