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Talking skills excuse for resume theft in the tech sector

In the indian tech and internet sector, few are aware of the fact that talking skills are used as an excuse by large corporates, allegedly Google, Tata, Paypal and others to steal the identity of experienced webmasters, domain investors and Paypal account holders. While the identity theft attempt may be convenient for these corporates, who wish to hire a mediocre well connected person like nayanshree, riddhi siddhi sunaina, , falsely claiming that he or she has an impressive resume, it is extremely unfair on the person whose impressive resume is being stolen.
Usually the methods for forcing the brilliant professional to agree to identity theft include defamation, cheating, theft of savings, correspondence, resume theft, daily human rights abuses using invisible directed energy weapons, and human experimentation to reduce the person to wreck. It is extremely cruel and completely unethical of corporates to behave so cheaply just because they want to hire a well connected person.

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