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Finding a Supply of Organic Food

I know that organic food is kind of a trendy thing these days, and that a lot of people are probably doing it just because it is trendy. But that is not the reason why I want to switch my family over to eating organic food. Rather, I am concerned with the health of my family, and I do not like the idea of eating food that is made with chemicals. It really bothers me in fact, and I would like to find a organic food shop in Singapore that I can go to, to buy my food from now on. I pretty much refuse to eat food that is not raised organically anymore, because I do not know all of the health effects of the crazy amounts of chemicals that are used in modern agriculture.

I do not really know how we got to this point where we are making all of our food with chemicals, instead of using tried and true methods passed down for generations. I guess it is just a symptom of the times, and not a good symptom at that. I was kind of tuned out to the health impact of processed food, and food that is grown with a lot of chemicals, for a long time.

I guess I just thought that everyone was eating it, and so it could not be that bad for you. But in reality, in a lot of cases, new chemicals are used and nobody has a clue as to what the health effect is going to be down the line. I have become more and more aware of the effects of our modern world on human health and it is kind of appalling in a lot of cases. Take for instance the “cancer villages” that they have in China. That is one of the most disturbing things I have ever heard of.

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