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At 5.59 pm 15 March 2016 panaji’s CRUEL COWARDLY criminal officials attack harmless civilian again

the R&AW officials are quick to complain that a harmless single woman engineer being tortured daily in panaji, goa is ruining the reputation of India when she documents the terrible human rights abuses she has to endure daily in panaji, goa yet no action is being taken against the unidentified criminal government employees posted in panaji, goa who are criminally stalking and attacking her daily causing great pain
R&AW, CBi, NTRO and other officials should look at the matter professionally, if the government employees were not torturing the harmless civilian daily causing great pain, would the engineer, domain investor be writing about it online or offline.
Like the majority of indian citizens, especially the lazy greedy housewives who fraud ntro, raw ,cbi officials like to falsely claim own this domain name, she would not be aware of the existence of these hitech torture weapons.

However the endless atrocities on the harmless single woman engineer, have forced her to research and find out that the directed energy weapons are existing and are being used repeatedly to torture her and cause great pain . Can the R&AW or security agency officials justify in an open debate why one or more government employees are stalking the harmless single woman engineer and attacking her to cause great pain daily.
The latest attack of criminal officials took place at 5.59 pm on 15 March 2016, causing great pain to the skull

If R&AW officials cannot defend the atrocities on a harmless indian citizen in an open debate, they should realize that security agency officials, government employees are actually ruining the reputation of India with their daily atrocities on a harmless civilian in a home.

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